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The RED-E Initiative

Kasper Electric now applies the Red-E philosophy to all our work and projects, both residential and commercial, keeping your home or business at the forefront of utilizing or being ready for earth-friendly energy solutions.

For example, Kasper Electric may assist a restaurant or home switch to LED lighting, freeing up electrical usage to allow for a UE charger outside or in a garage.

There are endless ways we can help you, your home, your business, and the earth.

What is RED-E?

RED-E is a forward-thinking Engineering firm committed to helping Mother Earth by reducing our carbon footprint through intelligent and responsible designs of Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing systems.


Why RED-E?

We are the stewards of Mother Earth and the rest of her children have seemed to of abandoned her. Someone must stand by her side and fight, or she will die.  Hence, RED-E, a solution-based mindset to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint.


When to consider RED-E?

RED-E is for any home or business owner seeking cost-effective Mother Earth-friendly energy solutions. When you’re in the process of evaluating your energy consumption, choose RED-E to have your residence or place of business designed with Mother Earth in Mind!

What to do to find out more about RED-E?

To learn more about RED-E or to get a complimentary estimate illustrating a mother earth-friendly energy solution, contact us at 561-845-1660.

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