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Leave Main Breaker Replacement to Licensed Electricians in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Lake Park, and Surrounding Areas

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Here’s an electrical repair we’d like to discuss that should only be done by a licensed electrician – the main breaker replacement. The main breaker is essential to disconnecting power to the circuit breaker panel. Therefore it manages the most amperage and can shut off power to the entire house. Usually, the individual circuit breakers will shut off first, so it can be rare that the main breaker shuts off. Therefore, if you have problems with the main breaker and think you need a main breaker replacement, chances are the issues could be significant. In addition, there may be more causes that should be investigated and diagnosed by a licensed electrician.

  1. Too much load demand. Remember, individual circuit breakers will “trip” first, so you can usually pinpoint where a particular issue is. However, the main breaker shutting off power could mean there is an overall demand load in multiple areas.
  2. Unusual problems with electricity in the breaker or coming into the house. Here is where a professional diagnosis is required. A main breaker replacement won’t necessarily solve the problem and could cause the main breaker to fatigue and start issues again.

The main breaker handles a significant load demand for your home. If you find your home needing a main breaker replacement, there could be underlying problems best inspected by a licensed electrician with knowledge of how the system works and where the issues could be. And as always, all electrical repairs, including a main breaker replacement, could be dangerous and cause damage to the home and put your family at risk.

If you are interested in learning more about a main breaker replacement in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Lake Park, and surrounding areas, contact us, and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment. Our electricians are licensed, experienced, and trained to complete electrical repairs to the highest quality available.

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