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5 Reasons for Switchgear Replacement in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Lake Park, and Surrounding Areas

5 Reasons for Switchgear Replacement in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Lake Park, and Surrounding Areas

As load demand changes in a building, managers and owners may start to investigate a switchgear replacement. This is a big job but has many benefits, some of which you are probably aware of if you’ve made it this far in your search.

There are a couple of reasons behind switchgear replacement, including:

  1. Repair costs. If the repair costs on your current switchgear are getting out of control, a switchgear replacement might be an option. Also, the replacement parts could be more expensive than the replacement costs of parts in newer models. And, you probably won’t have replacement parts issues for quite a while.
  2. Consistent energy availability. What does it cost your company if you have frequent repairs? And what are the temporary power costs that cover power needs while those repairs are being done? Review the costs for breakdowns in the missing power and then to restore production.
  3. Increased demand. Companies and buildings go through changes all the time. This includes longer shifts, more equipment, expansion, or anything else that increases demand. These changes are often due to increased productivity, so any downtime could have significant repercussions.
  4. Energy savings. Everyone is looking for ways to save on energy, and a switchgear replacement might be the best way for your company to achieve this goal. Another benefit of upgrading switchgear is the environmental benefits of reduced power consumption.
  5. Company safety. Your building or company probably has regulations you need to follow. As these regulations are updated, your switchgear will need to also be updated. You can also increase your company of building’s safety with your own initiatives of controlling shutoffs automatically or during remote monitoring.

Your company or building may have other reasons for switchgear replacement, and we’ll be happy to discuss your goals and how we can help obtain them. We work throughout Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Lake Park, and surrounding areas for all types of commercial electrical repairs.

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