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Kasper Electric Home Generator Services

It’s no secret that there is a looming threat that is always present when you are a South Florida resident. We have experienced many significant storms over the years, and the named systems are only part of the equation. Power outages are not uncommon, and every responsible homeowner should take this into consideration. A home generator of some kind can provide you with the protection that you need to go forward with some level of confidence. Our company, Kasper Electric, has been providing residential electrical services in and around Palm Beach County since 1978. Since we are locals, we have lived through all of the storms that have impacted our area, so we have a thorough understanding of the value of generators. If you would like to discuss potential solutions with a company that has true expertise in this area, we are here to help.

When you think about electrical generators that can provide a temporary solution during a power outage, you may conjure a mental image of the portable generators that are sold at home improvement stores. This type of generator can certainly come in handy during an outage, but serious homeowners can take things to another level. There are standby generators that can be permanently installed on your property, and there are units that can power your entire home for days at a time. The standby generator would be connected to your existing electrical panel, and it would be powered by a fuel source like diesel fuel, propane, or natural gas. If you’re a homeowner in a vulnerable area like Jupiter, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, or Palm Beach Gardens, this type of solution can provide you with peace of mind. We can help you understand your options and go forward with the installation of the standby generator that is right for you and your family. Plus, we can provide ongoing maintenance if you already have a home generator.

Here at Kasper Electric, your electrical security is our business. It is impossible to function within your home without electricity for any length of time. A home generator can bridge the gap until the powers-that-be get everyone back on the grid again. If you would like to discuss the possibilities with one of our experts, call us right now at 561.845.1660.

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