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Kasper Electric is committed to providing tech-savvy, cost-effective solutions, and we are ready, willing, and able to install electric car charging stations. Many people find the prospect of an electric car to be appealing on multiple different levels. First of all, if you apply the money that you will save on gasoline to the purchase price of the car, you will see a very different sticker price. Plus, there are incentives offered for electric car purchases, and they vary from state to state. We serve customers in Martin County and Palm Beach County, Florida. In the state of Florida, electric car owners enjoy some significant benefits. You can utilize HOV lanes on the roadways without any minimum occupant requirements, and you can apply for financing assistance through the government if you would like to engage us to install an electric car charging station on your property. There are also federal tax incentives that can make an electric car purchase quite appealing.

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Many people who are attracted to the benefits of electric vehicles take pause because they don’t understand the home charging element. The formal name for the unit that is installed in your home is Electric Vehicle Service Equipment or EVSE.  There are a lot of different types of charging stations on the market, and the typical consumer is not going to understand the subtleties. Amperage capacity, the location of the EVSE, the precise cable charging length, connectivity, and cost will all come into play. Of course, the manufacturer’s requirements for your particular vehicle will also be a very big part of the equation. Our electricians have a thorough understanding of all types of Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment, and we have extensive installation expertise. We can help you make fully informed decisions and provide guidance with regard to the optimal set up.

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